License Suspension & ALR Hearing

Section 724.062. Admissibility of Refusal or Request for Additional Test

The fact that a person’s request to have an additional analysis under Section 724.019 is refused by the officer or another person acting for or on behalf of the state, that the person was not provided a reasonable opportunity to contact a person specified by

Section 724.063. Admissibility of Alcohol Concentration or Presence of Substance 

Evidence of alcohol concentration or the presence of a controlled substance, drug, dangerous drug, or other substance obtained by an analysis authorized by Section 724.014 is admissible in a civil or criminal action.

Section 724.064. Admissibility in Criminal Proceeding of Specimen Analysis

On the trial of a criminal proceeding arising out of an offense under Chapter 49, Penal Code, involving the operation of a motor vehicle or a watercraft, or an offense under Section 106.041, Alcoholic Beverage Code, evidence of the alcohol concentration or presence of a controlled