From today’s Austin American Statesman article about an unsuccessful attempt to reverse the presumption of innocence for DWI cases in Texas:

A third proposal would have simplified the method used for determining a person’s blood-alcohol content at the time he or she was driving.

The proposal, House Bill 915, by Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock,

There are 4 basic types of felony DWI in the Texas Penal Code.

The most common of these is probably DWI third, that is, a new DWI charge with two prior convictions. It used to be the law in Texas that if ten years passed from the date of the last DWI conviction, that the new

Chapter 49 of the Texas Penal Code, known mostly for the Texas DWI statutes, includes the Texas “Open Container” law. When most folks talk about the Open Container law, they are referring to whether or not it is legal to have an open alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, or liquor) in the passenger area of

The Texas statute covering deferred adjudication probation allows a defendant to plead no contest (or even guilty) to certain charges and be placed on a type of probation that, if successfully completed, leaves the defendant without a conviction. Most offenses under Texas law can then be sealed, through the fairly new Motion for Non-Disclosure process.


CHAPTER 106. Provisions Relating to Age

Section 106.01.   Definition

Section 106.02.   Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor

Section 106.025. Attempt to Purchase Alcohol by a Minor

Section 106.03.   Sale of Alcohol to a Minor 

Section 106.04.   Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor (MIC)

Section 106.041. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by Minor