License Suspension & ALR Hearing

If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas, chances are that your Driver’s License was confiscated before you were released from jail. In that case, you should also have been given several other pieces of paperwork, including a form called the DIC-25.

The DIC-25 is titled “Notice of Suspension” and “Temporary Driving Permit”. Your license is

Texas law allows a person arrested for DWI to request an ALR hearing “in person” or “by phone”. Is it better to conduct an administrative license revocation hearing live/in person or by telephone?

The best practice is to request a conduct a live/in person hearing. Honestly, I can think of no exceptions to this rule.

There are

Folks arrested for first time DWI offenses in Austin often come to my office surprised that their physical driver’s license was taken from them before their release from jail.

Many believe that their license is currently suspended, before they have even gone to court. The truth is that the license suspension is not concurrent with the

Chapter 524 – Administrative Suspension of Driver’s License for Failure to Pass Test for Intoxication


Section 524.001. Definitions

Section 524.002. Rules; Application of Administrative Procedure Act


Section 524.011. Officer’s Duties for Driver’s License Suspension

Section 524.012. Department’s Determination for Driver’s License Suspension

Section 524.013. Notice

Section 524.042. Stay of Suspension on Appeal

(a) A suspension of a driver’s license under this chapter is stayed on the filing of an appeal petition only if:

(1) the person’s driver’s license has not been suspended as a result of an alcohol-related or drug-related enforcement contact during the five years preceding the date of the