Here’s a good reason – if you needed one in the first place – not to shop for lawyers on big referral sites. This gem comes from Bear in mind that they are supposedly trying to sell you on the value of using one of the lawyers that has paid to be listed on their site:

At first glance, it may seem like a lawyer who represents drunk drivers is the biggest slime ball on the face of the earth, but the truth is not that simple. 


“Notthat simple”. Apparently it’s close. But not quite accurate. Later on we learn that…


…on the slimier side of things, DUI lawyers can and do get cases thrown out of court when the police or the prosecution fail to follow procedure.  While it may seem horrible that actual drunk drivers go unpunished, it is important to keep in mind that all citizens have rights whether or not they have broken the law. 


True. Plus here’s a big one you left out: some folks that get arrested for DWI aren’t actually guilty because they weren’t intoxicated.


That’s what happens when police departments institute an arrest-everyone-and-sort-it-out-later policy.


[Update: Taking a look at the lawyers listed for Austin in this particular internet directory I’m actually fairly certain that not all of them – and perhaps none of them – are paying for this listing. Still the point remains the same. That is …assuming I had one.]

Folks often suggest stories to me that they think I ought to blog about. For some reason, this seems to primarily consist of advice like “Did you see that [Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/local celebrity/etc.] got [arrested/rearrested/etc.}? You ought to write about that…”

I thank them for the idea, and by the way – I really mean this – anything you see out there, please alert me if you think it’s good blogging material.

But (there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there…)

  • I don’t blog about so-and-so got arrested for such-and-such. It’s
  • Not my style
  • Seems like making fun of people in the same situation as my clients
  • Not usually relevant to my ‘niche’
  • Overdone by the cut-and-paste bloggers
  • Not a case I think I know anything about, since all my info about it comes from the media

There’s about a hundred more reasons I don’t ‘do’ that type of blogging.

So today, someone tells me about a story in the Austin American Statesman about [——-] getting arrested. I wasn’t overly familiar with the name, but it seemed to ring a bell. Catalogued it as ‘not my type of post’ and went on my way.

Then I see that DWI lawyers in Frisco, Houston, and all the way to California have jumped into the fray, noting that the legislator responsible for the DWI surcharge in Texas was arrested for DWI and refused to take a breath test.

No Hunter, I am not representing Representative Krusee, so I’m free to comment on this story, but I still don’t want to add anything. I’ll toss out a little quiz though, for anyone who wants to play. Any of you DWI lawyers out there see anything odd about this PC affidavit?

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