Administrative Law Judges handle all sorts of cases for the State Office of Administrative Hearings – aka SOAH – from the tremendously boring, such as boat motor sales and use tax cases, to the no doubt endlessly fascinating scenarios where a trucking company is alleged to have failed to carry a required certificate of registration. (I know so little about those cases that I can barely understand what is written in the previous sentence; frankly, I cribbed it from the “about us” page on the SOAH website.)

Of course, they also handle license revocations arising out of DWIs. I got to my ALR this week a little early, and stuck my head in a different courtroom than the one my client’s case was being heard, to chat with a Judge. He handed me a printout of this – sorry, just click the link – it’ll look better from the original website than if I try to cut and paste it into a little box on this blog.

Apparently that site is all the rage on whatever informal listserv the subset of ALR Administrative Law Judges use. Probably the others too, but it seems most (least?) appropriate for the DWI court personnel.