Austin is the only Austin in Texas. Or, as the saying goes, “When you leave Austin, you enter Texas”.

And Austin has reacted – albeit in a non-statistically significant way – to the news that our Police Chief announced that he intends to stick it to every DWI arrestee that refuses a breath sample. As in stick a needle in their arm and draw blood.

And furthermore, he’s going to have police officers doing the sticking. Yes, again, with the needle. They’ll be trained though. They’re not trained now – but he’ll get ‘em up to speed.

KXAN ran a story on it, and included a link in their webpage. The type of webpage that allows comments. And Austin commented.

At last count, there were over 50 commenters, and here’s how the pros and cons ran:

4 folks thought it was a great idea.

1 person I categorized as ‘neutral’ although, that’s generous because what he said was:

Don’t see a problem, except Officers should not be drawing the blood. The nurse at the jail can do it. Taking blood is a risky thing, and only a trained professional should do it. This not what cops should be doing.

Mr. Neutral didn’t read the story fully, because the story is about cops sticking the needle in. At any rate, I counted him as neutral because on some level he didn’t ‘see a problem’ with it.

The overwhelming majority said it was a bad idea. 46 commenters – out of 51 total – were against it.

A smattering of the con comments?

  1. This guy [Acevedo] has got to go.
  2. Maybe the cops will also perform surgery on accident victims. That would save a lot of money on doctors.
  3. We all know government agencies want an inch but take 100 miles. APD’s intentions may seem like a good idea, but eventually leads to more government control and less individual rights. Are we are all guilty until proven innocent?
  4. What’s next body cavity searches at a traffic stop?
  5. What happened to the Bill of Rights?
  6. This is the exact thing that our forefathers sought to protect us from.
  7. This is insane. This kind of precedent can lead to a very scary future.

My personal favorite? It’s a tie:

  1. I dont drink, but I don’t care for this idea. I hate blood tests more than I hate beets.
  2. Nothing scarier than a redneck cop with a mouth full of Copenhagen and a needle.

On a more serious note, KXAN has picked up on this ‘vibe’ with their story today about ‘Groups react to APD’s proposal’ and will be broadcasting a follow up story in less than 45 minutes. Looking forward to it.

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  • Casey

    Civil rights are more violated now than anytime in our country’s history,Why this isn’t right up there with the economy and energy as a national crisis is beyond me.Hang on folks, cameras in bathroom stalls are on the way.

  • anonymous

    U.S. Supreme Court
    BREITHAUPT v. ABRAM, 352 U.S. 432 (1957)
    Rochin v. California. 342 U.S. 165 , and Brown v. Mississippi. 297 U.S. 278 ,
    Weeks v. United States, 232 U.S. 383 (1914)
    “As I understand today’s decision there would be a violation of due process if the blood had been withdrawn from the accused after a struggle with the police. But the sanctity of the person is equally violated and his body assaulted where the prisoner is incapable of offering resistance as it would be if force were used to overcome his resistance. In both cases evidence is used to convict a man which has been obtained from him on an involuntary basis. I would not draw a line between the use of force on the one hand and trickery, subterfuge, or any police technique which takes advantage of the inability of the prisoner to resist on the other…
    And if the decencies of a civilized state are the test, it is repulsive to me for the police to insert needles into an unconscious person in order to get the evidence necessary to convict him, whether they find the person unconscious, give him a pill which puts him to sleep, or use force to subdue him. The indignity to the individual is the same in one case as in the other, for in each is his body invaded and assaulted by the police who are supposed to be the citizen’s protector.”

    Leviticus 17:11
    Acts 15:19-20
    Genesis 9:6
    1 Cor 6:19
    1 Cor 3:17

    I have to take antipsychotics over that assault.
    -And every day for a decade I have prayed to the Lord Jesus that they die, and that they burn in Hell for eternity; and I will continue to pray that prayer until God’s word is true again.
    And I pray that he never lets those madd prophets get a seat of power in my life again. I’d rather die than drink their wrath again. They are pure evil with no truth and no testimony.
    God’s Word is true, and the cup in His Right Hand will not be late in arriving. And in that day, in that blessed day of true justice from God the Father, I will look upon THEIR nakedness, and I will taunt them in their open shame, singing
    ‘drink and stumble, drink even you and stumble. The Most High has a cup in His Right Hand, and it has come to you’

    God’s word is true, it will surely come to pass if God’s word is true.