Folks often suggest stories to me that they think I ought to blog about. For some reason, this seems to primarily consist of advice like “Did you see that [Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/local celebrity/etc.] got [arrested/rearrested/etc.}? You ought to write about that…”

I thank them for the idea, and by the way – I really mean this – anything you see out there, please alert me if you think it’s good blogging material.

But (there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there…)

  • I don’t blog about so-and-so got arrested for such-and-such. It’s
  • Not my style
  • Seems like making fun of people in the same situation as my clients
  • Not usually relevant to my ‘niche’
  • Overdone by the cut-and-paste bloggers
  • Not a case I think I know anything about, since all my info about it comes from the media

There’s about a hundred more reasons I don’t ‘do’ that type of blogging.

So today, someone tells me about a story in the Austin American Statesman about [——-] getting arrested. I wasn’t overly familiar with the name, but it seemed to ring a bell. Catalogued it as ‘not my type of post’ and went on my way.

Then I see that DWI lawyers in Frisco, Houston, and all the way to California have jumped into the fray, noting that the legislator responsible for the DWI surcharge in Texas was arrested for DWI and refused to take a breath test.

No Hunter, I am not representing Representative Krusee, so I’m free to comment on this story, but I still don’t want to add anything. I’ll toss out a little quiz though, for anyone who wants to play. Any of you DWI lawyers out there see anything odd about this PC affidavit?

On the ‘everyone loves the concept of comeuppance’ front, also piling on are Capitol Annex, Doing My Part for the Left, Texas Cloverleaf, Eye on Williamson, Williamson Republic, Stop the ACLU,  Old Government Road, Burnt Orange Report, TTC News Archives, Random Nuclear Strikes, Truth be Tolled, Interesting Discussions, Wilco Wise.

  • State Trooper

    How did he observe that the registration was expired from behind the vehicle? Did the Rep have Diplomatic Plates? If not the expiration is displayed on the front winshield. If so why wait for Communications to stop the vehicle, If the plates showed expired in 12/07 make the stop and issue a warning if the return comes back different

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  • State Trooper:

    Good point – and I’d bet I can guess the explanation for that one, but I’m going to leave the ‘explanation’ to myself for now.

    Anything else? Anyone?

  • State Trooper

    The only other thing I see is that on pg 3 the name and date is obviously written by the arresting officer and not the person who signed the affadavit.
    I give up on anything else. I like your site, I dont neccasarily agree with everything on it but I have learned a few things.
    I believe that good defense attorneys can make great witnesses out of Troopers, I have had my hat handed to me a few times in County Court.

  • I’m guessing, but does a State Official license plate even expire before his term is up? I thought those were exempt plates.

  • I think Gritsforbreakfast is right but maybe needs to clarified elsewhere. Anyway, great blog..

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