From an email:

I was arrested in 2005 while in the military in North Carolina for a DWI. My license is suspended in North Carolina but is it suspended in Texas?


I assume you are living in Texas now?  Ever apply for a Texas DL?  Or are you just driving around hoping not to get pulled over?  (Not the best idea – by the way.)

Basically, if Texas DPS gives you a license, you’re good.  Sounds like that’s not the case though.  You may need to clear up any problems with NC – if your license is still suspended there – before you can get a Texas DL.

If your suspension period is up you may just have to pay a reinstatement fee to North Carolina, to get in compliance with their DMV.  Once that’s done, under the interstate compact, you will probably be eligible for a regular license here.

If you aren’t eligible for a 24/7 Texas driver’s license, you may be able to get an occupational here in Texas.  That’s a bit trickier, and not answerable without knowing more facts.

I don’t know what part of Texas you’re in, but you should find a DWI lawyer that practices in your (current) neck of the woods to help you with this.