TalkLeft posted a story about the new county attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, who has decided to post mugshots of DUI defendants on billboards.

In the New York Times article about this, Mark Weingart, an Arizona DUI attorney says:

“I just can’t believe he’s doing it,” said Mark Weingart, a defense lawyer in Tempe who has advised hundreds of people facing charges of driving under the influence. “Besides the fact that it is in bad taste, D.U.I.’s usually involve somebody with no criminal history. The downside to this person being published on the Web site is tremendous. I don’t see the point. Why doesn’t he put sex offenders up there?”

Well, he’s doing it because he’s a politician, and he’s trying to get some favorable news coverage so that he can get re-elected. (Mark probably knows this, but he’s making a valid point.)

What about MADD? They must be for this, right?

The tactic gets mixed reviews from M.A.D.D.

“Some parts of the Web site are good because they are informational and trying to provide the victim’s perspective,” said Misty Moyse, the spokeswoman for the group.

However, she said, “M.A.D.D. would not want to be involved in calling out offenders. We are interested in research- and science-based activities proven to stop drunk driving.”

Trust me, for MADD, those are pretty faint hearted reviews.

Let’s see now, George Bush has one DWI, Dick Cheney has (at least) two…

Let’s see their faces up on mugshots, shall we?

[HatTip: Thanks BlawgReview for sending me the initial link.]

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