If your license is suspended through the ALR process for a DWI arrest in Texas, the default for occupational license driving time is four hours a day.

However, a judge has discretion to increase the time allowed to twelve hours a day. Likewise, a judge has the ability to reduce it below four hours a day…and in some jurisdictions, they do that quite frequently.

The number of hours you are granted will depend on how much you (or your DWI lawyer) can show the court you need to drive. It is, after all, an “essential needs” license.

In my experience, most judges in Austin understand that in today’s world people work various hours, have multiple jobs, use daycare and have child rearing responsibilities and other types of important commitments. If it is a first time DWI with no collision and no ‘aggravating’ factors, most of my Austin clients can provide me with the documentation I need to get a judge to increase the driving time from the four hour default rule all the way up to the twelve hour a day maximum.

No, an occupational license is not the same as your regular “24/7 drive anywhere anytime you want” license that you are used to. But it’s probably going to allow you to continue to do all the things you need to do.