Section 524.021 of the Texas Transportation Code provides that a person’s license will be suspended on the 40th day after receiving the Notice of Suspension, which is, in almost all cases, the night of the DWI arrest. If a hearing is requested within 15 days of the arrest, Section 724.041 provides that the suspension is stayed until a final decision is issued by the judge in the case.

In Austin, final ALR hearings are often not held until several months after the arrest for DWI. During that time period, the defendant is free to drive 24/7 – assuming, of course, that there are no other suspensions in place at the time.

The arresting officer physically confiscates the license from the defendant, usually on scene, and it is not returned with the rest of the person’s belongings when they are released from jail. 

Instead, they get several pieces of paperwork…including a yellow sheet of paper called the DIC-25, which reads “Notice of Suspension – Temporary Driving Permit” at the top. This should be kept in a wallet or purse, and used in lieu of your regular physical license.

If for some reason you, or your lawyer, did not request the ALR hearing to contest the suspension, you will want to start gathering the necessary documents for preparing an Occupational Driver’s License well before the 40th day after the arrest.