Section 724.035. Suspension or Denial of License

(a) If a person refuses the request of a peace officer to submit to the taking of a specimen, the department shall:

(1) suspend the person’s license to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway for 180 days; or

(2) if the person is a resident without a license, issue an order denying the issuance of a license to the person for 180 days.

(b) The period of suspension or denial is two years if the person’s driving record shows one or more alcohol-related or drug-related enforcement contacts, as defined by Section 524.001(3), during the 10 years preceding the date of the person’s arrest.

(c) A suspension or denial takes effect on the 40th day after the date on which the person:

(1) receives notice of suspension or denial under Section 724.032(a); or

(2) is considered to have received notice of suspension or denial under Section 724.033.